Wholesome Chicken, Farm Fresh Eggs and Veggies

WholeAgri will deliver eggs, dressed chicken and veggies from our farms to you as freshly and naturally as possible.

No preservatives are used. Our veggies are delivered within 24 hours of harvest while our eggs reach our customers within 48 hours of production. The cold chain is maintained from the moment our meat is blasted till our customers receive them.

When we say wholesome food, we mean every word of it.

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Our Bell Peppers

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Complete that recipe with our Bell Peppers.

Grown with your wellbeing in mind, our Peppers are not doused with excessive pesticides.

Whether it is breakfast, lunch or dinner recipe, our naturally ripened Peppers are a superb complement.


Buy WholeAgri Healthy Chicken

When you feed your family with our chicken, you are feeding them a protein source without any form of preservative or one stored over a long period of time.

When your order arrives, you can rest, assured that from the time the birds were dressed until that moment, the cold chain was maintained.

Our chicken is the perfect protein source for a wholesome, natural family meal.

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